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A unique scheme to help deaf children in Romania speak has been launched after an agreement between the Romanian Government, the ACHLG and a leading British school.


The Group’s Chairman and Founder, Baroness Nicholson, was in Craiova in South West Romania to help promote the scheme which will begin over the coming months. The project has the full backing of the Romanian Minister for Education, Sorin Campeanu, and will receive expert help and support from the UK’s leading centre for the deaf, The Mary Hare School.


Work will begin this summer when three senior teachers from Mary Hare will travel to Special School St Vasile in Craiova to brief their counterparts about the latest techniques being used to help young children overcome their profound disability and learn to lead a “normal” life.


The next stage will be for a large group of teachers from St Vasile to travel to the British school for more formal training. A further step may be for pupils both in Romania and the UKto communicate via email and eventually face to face.

On her visit to Craiova, Baroness Nicholson and the Minister were given the traditional welcome of salt and bread and then together toured the school, visiting several classes and talking to children and staff. They were escorted by Head Teacher, Florentina Balasa.


The visitors spoke to students of all ages from kindergarten through to teenagers studying Mathematics, Romanian Language, modern dance and traditional crafts.


After the visit, Baroness Nicholson, said she was “absolutely delighted” with the pilot scheme and she hoped that its expected success would mean that schools for deaf children all over Romania would eventually adopt it as part of the curriculum.


“The Mary Hare School has had enormous success with its Total Communication system teaching children to speak, enabling them to go forward and lead full lives in society. It gives many of them the chance to attend leading universities and then go on to have good careers, with proper social and family lives. This is what Romania now wants for its children and they are determined that it will happen,” explained Baroness Nicholson.


She added: As someone who has been deaf since birth, I know how vitally important it is to encourage these children to speak, to communicate not just with those in the same situation, but their friends and family as well. If this is successful in Romania – and I am convinced it will be – there is no reason why it cannot spread to other neighbouring countries as well.”


Minister Campeanu praised the work of the ACHLG and said his Government fully supported the project, which he described as “excellent”.

20 March 2015

Craiova  ~ Romania

ACHLG launches pioneering pilot scheme to help Romania's deaf children