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Romanian Donations

Individual Donors

If you pay income tax in Romania you can donate 2% of this tax to a Romanian non-profit organisation of your choice at no cost to yourself? This is not classed as a donation. If you decide not to redirect 2% of your income tax, the State is entitled to keep it.


Please donate this money to Asociatia by completing your personal details on the Cerere 230 (Asociatia's details are already complete), provide evidence of your salary, and submit this to your local fiscal office.

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Corporate Donors

Romanian companies paying tax locally can donate 20% of their corporate tax to non-profit organisations with no cost implications whatsoever. Companies simply sign a sponsorship contract with the non-profit organisation they wish to support, which states that they agree to redirect 20% of the corporate tax at the end of the year. Donations must not exceed more than 3% of the turnover or 20% of the tax. No cost is incurred by the company. Please use this option to help support Asociatia and complete the Cerere 230 below.

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